Hihetetlen! Európa legjobb hatvanas zenekara

The Funny Fools – Europe’s Greatest Sixties Band. (Magyar verzió holnaptól).

For 1965 and 1966 the „Europe’s Greatest Sixties Band” title (East of Great Britain), belongs to The Funny Fools – a young group from Hungary. Taking the totality of original material as prime determining factor, this is the truth – however unbelievable. Are you screaming the outrage of denial yet? If not, please do so now, because, after reading this story you will do just the opposite.

The story is captivating. It will take you to places and adventures you can’t dream up; it will mesmerize you with the uniqueness of times, situations and, the proof of it all, the music. East Europe’s Beatles? Hungary’s John Lennon?! (How dare you!) Well, see for yourself…

But how come nobody has any of their records? The answer is simple: the oppression system of the time and place killed the band instead of promoting it. (It was the political system and mentality typical of East European Socialism that Paul Gábor, the book’s author, its central figure and leader of the band, dubbed as “Stupialism”).

Exposure and popular success achieved by their own, supposedly obedient and communist, rock band in the decadent West would’ve become uncontrollable so they silenced their most promising young band. (Partly, because it might’ve provoked their master, the Soviet Union). So powerful was the message of the music and times of The Funny Fools. (And only the irresistible antics of the band are funny; the music is refreshingly new and different, often solemn, sometimes heavy and politically charged; and that from a group with the average age of less than 20). This whole scenario is simply unfathomable to the uninitiated – like an average British music fan well versed in the Sixties, but “only as we know it”.